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About KENNIS Unifroms​

Get professional attire that is elegant, durable, customised and reasonably priced, just through an online order for your school, industry, hotel or hospital. At Kennis our promise is to ensure that your organisation gets the very best deals for your staff or student uniforms through uncompromising quality, cost effective means and absolutely timely delivery.

Kennis Uniforms come to you through years of mastery from the finest tailoring professionals through textiles from mills that are most respected in our twin Telugu states. In just a few years of our inception since 2011 KENNIS has now reached the stature of one of the most renowned uniform suppliers to schools, colleges and other organisations in this part of India. Now with our online ordering system introduced this year, things have become a lot easier for our invaluable clients. 

  • Wide Range of Designs, Colours, Textures and Fabrics Easy Sizing Factor with Wide Popular Size Range
  • Instant Availability in Large Volumes – Huge Inventory
  • Highly Secure Payment Gateway
  • Free Shipping*
  • Free Returns and Replacements
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Worry free ordering as organisations need not spend time and valuable resources scouting for uniforms and can continue their focus on their core activities
All Type of Uniforms

All Type of Uniforms

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Perfect Sizing & Fitting

Perfect Sizing & Fitting

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100% Best Quality

100% Best Quality